Lessons and Templates

(Designed for a 10th Grade Classroom in California) 

Age of Revolutions
Industrial Revolution 
World War I 
The Holocaust 
Decolonization and Cold War 

Time Period 3 - Post-Classical 
Time Period 4 - Early Modern Era

Graphic Organizers for the Classroom: 


  1. Would it be o.k. to make copies of the templates and lessons to use in my classroom. I would credit you. You have such great stuff here that covers topics quickly and thoroughly. I only have a semester to teach world, so quick and efficient are my best friends.

  2. Thank you for posting these documents. I having been feeling slightly overwhelmed looking at the new AP World History Design and attempting to move towards a more standards based classroom. I also found your video on retakes and redos spot on. Thank you again for your efforts. I hope that I have something to share with you as I attempt to create a hyperdoc for Unit 1.


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