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Civics and the new California HSS Framework

Last time, I shared how I plan using the new C3 Framework and the California HSS Framework that was adopted in 2016. Today I want to talk about one of the four main components of the framework and how I work to incorporate it in my classroom: Civics and Citizenship. The Framework states: From the earliest grade levels, students learn the kind of behavior that is necessary for the functioning of a democratic society in which everyone’s fundamental human rights are respected. They learn sportsmanship, fair play, sharing, respect, integrity, and taking turns. They should be given opportunities to lead and to follow. They should learn how to select leaders and how to resolve disputes rationally. They should learn about the value of due process in dealing with infractions, and they should learn to respect the rights of the minority even if this minority is only a single, dissenting voice and to recognize the dignity of every person. These democratic values should be taught in the class