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#sblbookclub June 2019 Update

A few months ago I was starting to reflect on the 2018-2019 school year and starting to think about the changes I needed to make. I had tried going more assessment based with my SBG classroom and wasn't as happy with the results as I had been the previous year when I did reflective SBG. I wanted to be able to discuss grading practices with other teachers at all different places in the process of reforming their grading practices: teachers who had years of experience, teachers who were just starting to consider it, and even teachers who were skeptical. So I created the #sblbooklcub , I picked three books to explore over three months and created a Google Classroom. I posted to Twitter and it sort of took off from there. We are two weeks into the book club and I have to say, this experience reminds me why teachers are so much better at what we do when we work together. I feel most like a professional in my field when I can engage in reflection and discussions around practices