My Favorite Tech: Instagram in The Classroom

Instagram is my go to social media account because I love being able to visually tell the story of my class and easily share student work and student accomplishments

It’s all About the Pictures

Instagram is the perfect place for visual storytelling. You upload pictures, crop them, and add filters that can change the coloring or how the picture looks. You can write a caption as well but since people scroll through multiple Instagram Accounts at the same time they will often miss the caption making the focus the picture. This allows you to tell an impactful story with just photos alone. While it is always good practice to caption the photo so if someone does stop, they know what is going on, the goal is rich and interesting pictures that offer a window in your classroom.

You don’t have to post selfies. Ever.

While Instagram can seem like a world full of selfies (or photos you take of yourself) you can get away with never posting a single one! I post student work, when students are working in groups, awesome presentations, and things related to the days activities. I also use it to share small parts of my personal life by posting pictures of books I am reading, hikes I’ve gone on, or trips I’ve taken.

Tell the Story Of Your Classroom.

You might be thinking that your classroom is not a good fit for Instagram because the students don’t create visually interesting work but trust me, no matter how you run your classroom, no matter what practices you choose, there is a story worth telling. When a student has thorough well-organized notes, I post them. When we mark the text or annotate the reading, I post them. When students write a brilliant sentence or paragraph or answer a question perfectly, I post them. It’s not all about having a picture perfect classroom, it’s about sharing the day to day and celebrating the great work students are doing.

Want some inspiration? Here are three of my favorite teachers using Instagram to showcase their classroom right now:
  1. mrs.walker.erhs works with me at ERHS and she gives an honest and engaging view of the AP US History work! 
  2. MyFavoriteClass is a middle school social studies teacher who rocks at using Instagram to uplift her students. 
  3. TeachLikeYouMeanIt showcases an elementary classroom that is beautiful, engaging, and always trying something new! 

You can find me on Instagram @mrysbyarshistory where I am sharing my World History and Economics classes embrace the world of exploration, simulations, and research.

Know a great teacher Instagram account to follow? Link it in the comments!!!
---​Mrs. Byars


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