PD Review: #hssxplore An Exploration in History and Social Science

Inquiry, literacy, and civic engagement were the main themes of "An Exploration in History and Social Science: A 21st Century Shift." This past week I attended this Professional Development day hosted by the San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools and the Riverside County Office of Education and I wanted to share some of the key takeaways from my day there.

The Four Worlds

Teresa Hudock of USC 
In the first session I attended, Teresa Hudock of USC introduced a the Four Worlds Framework. This is a great tool to help students think about concepts in class in different ways and allows for students to visually see the connections between the "Four Worlds" (economic world, social world, political world, and cultural world.) The USC website has pre-made worksheets for a large variety of different concepts you can review using this framework and even has the presentations they use when teaching the framework.  Teresa has created an easy to use and easy to implement framework that allows students and teachers to have a shared frame of reference and allows students to analysis historical concepts with great depth.

Liz Ramos and Technology in the Classroom

Liz was one of my favorite speakers of the day and I was glad I got to see her twice. She helped kick off the day by explaining the value of twitter for educators and the value of using twitter with our students.
Liz also hosted two sessions; one on technology and inquiry and one on civics in the classroom. For both workshops, she explained her use of technology in the classroom and shared tools that are great for those just diving into the using technology in their class.

Breakout Edu

Why haven't I done one yet? BreakoutEdu is so much fun and it was the perfect way to start the day. It takes engagement to the next level and makes time fly by as you attempt to solve puzzles, based in content, and unlock a series of codes.

They also shared the link to this Google Drive folder full of breakouts and this Facebook group which are excellent resources for those looking to find out more.

Want to find more resources from this day? Check out all the resources posted on #hssxplore below! 

Have you used any of these resources in your classroom? Share in the comments! 
---Mrs. Byars 


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