5 Ways Students Can Share What They've Learned

There are so many amazing new ways students can share what they've learned and create incredible projects, videos, websites, and presentations to show what they've learned. This is a quick list of 5 I've used this year that my students and I really liked. I won't go into too much detail about each product, this more of a whirlwind tour then an in-depth tutorial. Enjoy! 

If you live anywhere on social media, even if you spent like 5 seconds on twitter this year, you probably already know about this one. It's not my favorite (and to be honest, my students don't LOVE it) but it has a ton of potential and has some really amazing features. 

How It Works: Students record up to 5 minute long videos reacting to a prompt. Students can comment and react to each other (but those features can be turned off) feels like instagram of videos but is self contained (you control who has access to the grid and can post.).

What I like about it: It feels like secured Snapchat and you can actually use snapchat to create your videos and then download to your phone and upload to the app. Students have an audience of their peers and grids can be shared with parents or the community to gain a larger audience for student work.

How it works: Free website builder that allows students to embed Google Drive files, PDFs, images, and videos. Totally customizable! 

What I like about it: EVERYTHING! Students can created engaging and easy to manage digital portfolios. I LOVE that students can post google docs directly to their site and create endless pages of their work. It is easy to learn and navigate and the audience can be limitless with this website maker. 

How it works: Free video creating software BUT it works more like Powerpoint than iMovie. It is more about adding pictures and slides and then adding narration over them. GREAT for students taking pictures of their work and then explaining that work! Students can also upload short video clips as well. 

What I like about it: This is another one where I love just about everything about it. There is a free app students can get on their phones and it allows students to blend their voice with text and pictures in a simple but often times elegant way. 

How it works: Think if it as digital post it notes but 1000 times more awesome. Students can share videos, links, documents they have created, and images to one easy to share webpage. Students can create these pages collaboratively or on their own.  

What I like about it: I actually like Padlet more for the research and planning stage then as a way to show a final product. It works really well to have students turn in assignments on a padlet and then give each other feedback. 

How it works: Works just like Powerpoint except you don't need to download anything. The embedded tools for videos and links are more seamless and more powerful.. It is also easier for multiple students to work on a Google Slide at one time using the Sharing feature. 

What I like about it: This is another one where I struggle to tell you what I like because I like everything. Embed gifs, youtube videos, make digital posters, create choose your own adventure activities, hyperdocs, or just create a good old fashioned presentation deck that you can literally share with the click of a button. While Microsoft has OneDrive, it does not compare to the immediate sharing features available on google products. OH! I almost forget, Google Slides is also amazing for collaboration! When multiple students work on one deck you can see the edits in real time! 

There are more amazing tools out there to get students sharing and even with the tools listed above but hopefully you found some new ideas or were reminded of a tool you used before. 

Now, I want to hear from you, what are your favorite ways for students to share what they've learned. Let me know in the comments! 


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