EdTech Tutorial: How to Use Adobe Spark Video

Recently I wrote about some of my favorite tech tools you can use in class to get students sharing what they've learned. By far my favorite for ease of use is Adobe Spark Video. While it does not have the most features and it is not the most complex video creator out there, it works incredibly well for creating videos in the classroom.

Adobe Spark is fairly user friendly, below I have created a step by step tutorial for those who have never used it before. Scroll down even further and you can watch a completed adobe spark video.

And here is what an Adobe Slide Video looks like in action using the same content as you see above!

Adobe Spark is easy to use and even has an App for iPad and iPhone. I especially love that you don't have to download the video, students can turn in the shareable link making the process of grading and sharing the videos much easier overall. 

Have you used Adobe Spark Video in class? What do your students use it for? Share in the comments! 

Mrs. Kathryn Byars 


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