One Little Word 2018: Engage

I decided to do One Little Word this year because I like the idea of setting a direction or intention that is simple and easy to remember. When thinking of what I wanted the word to encompass, I wanted it to be something that applied not only to my classroom and my professional development but also to my personal life. It didn't take long to come up with the word: Engage

For my classroom: I want my class to be meaningful and engaging for students. I want the rigor to be compelling, intense, and interesting. I want students to never look at the time. I want students to leave my classroom excited to come back next time. I want learning to be fun, engaging, and rigorous. If I can focus on engaging my students, I will get closer and closer to these goals every day.

For my own professional growth: I don't want to be passive in my growth as a teacher. I want to seek opportunities and see them through. I want to meet others and build my PLN by stepping out of my comfort zone of passively reading online and getting out there and joining groups and organizations that can help me become the best teacher I can be. 

In my personal life: My husband and I have put a lot of things in life on hold for school, for career, for health, for money. I am tired of putting all our adventures on hold. Right this minute, he's looking at a new bike that we could take on or off road with bags for our backpacking equipment. It's been weeks of searching online for the perfect bike for him to fix up for us so we can get out there and go on new adventures together. We are both tired of scrolling through instagram and wishing it was us out there. It is time for us to get out there and live it. 

I am excited for 2018 and all the potential it brings. Do you have any goals for the New Year? Are you participating in One Little Word? Share in the comments! 

Mrs. Kathryn Byars 


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